Essay on Legalising Prostitution in other States in the U.S

            In Nevada, legal prostitution began within the 19th century with the use of legal brothels. During this period, the laws for legal prostitution had not been clearly outlined until the 20th century when licensing of brothels was introduced in order to prevent them from being closed up by county officials. Over the years, the laws governing legal prostitution have been bettered with its legalisation being decided at a county level. Counties with less than four hundred thousand residents were allowed to have licensed brothels on a number of conditions. One is that the prostitutes were expected to be located in the brothels only and not walking around. Another is that the prostitutes were subject to constant checkups of sexually transmitted diseases to prevent their spread. It was also necessary that the prostitutes test for HIV/AIDS infection and be HIV negative.
With the organised system of prostitution in Nevada, it is then possible to perceive the kind of system that goes along with it hence it is easier for other nations to take it. Out of the twelve counties that have not reached the four hundred thousand populations, eleven are active in legal and licensed prostitution. This is in spite of the kind of opposition that the brothels face. One of the most active opposers is the Nevada Coalition against Sex Trafficking. With this in mind, there are obviously reasons that may cause the promotion of prostitution in an area. These reasons can be used to introduce legal prostitution in other states in the United States of America. Mainly, the reasons lean on the advantages that have been brought about by the introduction of legal prostitution.

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