Sample Essay on Innovative Processes

What is the most important lesson one can learn about the innovative process?
What lessons could be learned through the process of learning and failing at an innovative venture?
Can a company be competitive if they do not continue to innovate? Why or why not?
List an example of a company that has been successful due to innovation and forecast what you believe their potential for continued success may be in the next decade?
Undoubtedly every organization whether small scale or large scale involves itself in innovative activities and processes on a daily basis with the aim of increasing it returns. In precise, lessons learned are some of the vital information gained by various organizations through daily activities and these lessons is going to be used by the organization in the future. When it comes to the innovation process in an organization, the lessons learned produce new tactics and techniques. To this effect, the innovative process has been a major pillar of transformation in many organizations, for example the Allied Command Transformation transformed NATO’S strategic thinking and training capabilities.

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