Essay On Poverty in Underdeveloped Countries

Describe various strategies for dealing with massive urban poverty, joblessness, and poor housing. 
Summarize the various ways the urban poor can and do influence politics in their country.
Explain forms of political expression among the Urban Poor. 
Although there are numerous explanations towards poverty, the most worldly accepted is a provision by social scientists, which have combined different dimensions of poverty such as non material and material. Due to this, poverty has been identified as a product of both material conditions and different sets of interlocking factors. Examples of these interlocking factors include social isolation, vulnerability, physical weakness and powerlessness (Gugler, 2009). In describing the poverty of household, it has a relation with organizational capacity to manage and deploy resources, resource endowments, and available coping mechanisms and labor force position. Others include external contingencies and also family contingencies that tend to greatly affect household strategies.

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