Essay on Revolutionizing the Retail Sector Digipos Case Study

Digipos faced two main challenges regarding system upgrades, and these are maximizing investment and reliable roadmap. In maximizing investment, Digipos wanted to help its customers minimize the time spend on upgrading systems because before the launch of its Intel products retailers were forced to close their business, which meant loss of revenue. Additionally, retailers were forced to change their entire systems; therefore, maintenance was a costly venture. On its part, Digipos wanted to maintain its competitive advantage in the electronic point of sale solutions segment. This is competitive segments considering that technology is dynamic. Intel processors offer Digipos the reliability and stability that it needs to develop advanced systems. Intel is a highly performing technology is the market place that enables Digipos to have credibility with new and existing clients (EPOS Partners, 2013). Customers equate Intel with quality compared to other low-priced alternatives that are of low quality. Considering that Intel technology enables the company offer systems that allow clients to reduce their total cost of ownership and other additional benefits, they gain a competitive advantage over their business rivals.

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