Essay on Shuar Warriors Shrinking Head of a Defeated Enemy

Describe your process of adjusting or expanding your own perspective to better understand this behavior
Whilst head hunting is a practice that is widely documented in several parts of the world that comprise of the ancient China, India, Japan, Mesoamerica, and Africa, the only prominent head shrinkers are persons hailing from the northwestern region bordering Amazon rainforest (Peru and Ecuador) jointly referred to as Javaroan. The notorious tribe in this category, the Shuar, inhabited the headwaters of the river Maranon. Based on the spirit of an enemy, thought to couple the spirit of an enemy and force them to serve the wishes of the ‘shrinker.’ The practice of shrinking head has been understood to hold spiritual importance (Harner, 2004). Therefore, from the 19th century till the present time, the practice of ‘shrinking heads’ was expounded to exotic trade, trophy hunting , and to simple curiosity pursuing eager to pay prices to possess the head of another mankind(Lowell, 1994).

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