Essay on Teen Violence, Human Trafficking And Immigration As Social Concerns

The main purpose of this paper is to research and discuss the responsibility of a critical thinker in the modern society while examining all the principles of critical thinking and the relationship to the chosen topics of the society. The research and will also consider the importance of moral reasoning, values, the research-based process of finding for the truth and the benefits of information technology in collecting data. The topics of discussion in the paper will be teen violence, human trafficking and immigration as per the social concerns about health, poverty, education, media, family relations and dynamics.

The modern society is characterised by technological inventions and innovations as well as increased globalisation and human interconnection. This has resulted into many changes in the society, for example, increased life expectancy, gender equality and life expectancy. The result of these changes is bringing a natural equilibrium. This paper, therefore, aims at discussing the chosen topics in relation to critical thinking and the issues in the modern society.

A critical thinker is that person who examines, explores and puts as many as possible possibilities into consideration. Someone who tries his/her best not to use emotions in justification of ideas and they are not bound to doctrines, and they know that rules have to be often followed, but always knows the way to think outside them. Many critical thinkers have been there from time in memorial. Most as scientists who have made discoveries, not from normal experiments, but from their unique and new ways of thinking. They are not judgmental and in their own mind they know that their own ideas could or might be wrong. They don’t have any extremism that is, thinking that you are always right.

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