Essay on The history of thanksgiving Holiday in America

 The history of Thanksgiving traces back to the year 1621. During the year the American Natives and the Pilgrims celebrated their harvest in autumn. It should be noted that the people had a huge celebration where they gathered together. However, it was not yet made a public holiday by the government of the time. The feast did not become a holiday until the year 1863. During the year, the president of the United States proclaimed an official Thanksgiving Day.
The history of Thanksgiving is linked to the migration of the pilgrims. They were original citizens of England who fled aboard Mayflower to escape religious persecution. The Puritans also known as the Separatists moved to Netherland where they felt uncomfortable and moved into America. In America, they settled in Plymouth in 1620. It is worth highlighting that the first winter season harvest they had was too poor. They lacked food, starved and lost a significant number of their immigrant members aboard the Mayflower. However, in the following year 1921, the harvest was satisfactory. The Pilgrims thus organized a feast together with some American Natives who had helped them survive during the tough times at arrival (Wallendorf & Arnould, 1991).

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