Essay on The Problem of Evil on Theists and Philosophers

The existence and dominance of God is thought to be the beginning of everything in the world. Atheists have a common belief that there is an existence of a Supreme Being. This Supreme Being stands in control of everything in the world including the universe and the earth. The concept of God and his existence in the world shades more light on the existence of evil among human and animal lives. The attributes given to the existence of God are negated with the origin and consequences of the evil. Evil goes hand in hand with what is immoral and contrary to the goodness and awesomeness of God. God is believed to be the Supreme Being who stands in power and dominion over the world and all that is found in it. Nonetheless, the problem of evil has been plaguing issue for theists and philosophers ever since the concept of God became an object of academic discourse.
According to Beebe (45), the existence of God in the world has led to the generation of followers. Followers are in truth and spiritual existence and relation with the Supreme Being who is God. God is the creator of everything that is in the world including all humans and animals. The existence of God is dated to historical times that led to the existence of the universe. According to the religion of Christianity, God existed before the existence of everything in the world. Therefore, he is the creator of the universe and all its components. This is the atheistic belief found with Christians. Christians have their adoration and worship directed to God and his powerful existence in the world.

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