Sample Essay On U.S and World History

Mesopotamia was the first to get civilized in the world. Mesopotamia is the region that forms where the Euphrates and the Tigris meet the Persian Gulf. History indicates that the first settlements in the area occurred around the period 4500 BC. The civilization was however first established around 3100 BC. The first Mesopotamian towns were developed in Sumer, the area close to the mouths of Euphrates and Tigris. There was a big temple in Sumer, popularly known as the Sumerian temple, which acted as the center of economic activity in the region. The Sumerian priests in a bid to keep records and maintain an organized form of transacting came up with a system of writing in order to keep accurate records. They were the first people who came up with a system of writing.
The first settlers of Mesopotamia farmed the land. This economic activity thrived due to the positive geographical factors of the place. Hills and plains made up a significant part of Mesopotamia. There were also seasonal rains, streams and the rivers that flowed from the mountains. The soils in Mesopotamia were and still are fertile. Irrigation was easy due to the readily available natural water sources. The place was fertile all year round and also ideal for livestock keeping.

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