Differing decisions on life issues occur when reasonable minds hold opinions concerning life that cannot all be true. What propels rational well educated, somewhat intelligent with a good perspective not exceedingly neurotic philosophers into disagreements is the fact that sometimes-reasonable minds tend to push subjective facts to appear as objective matters. This has brought about diverse solutions to life problems and a sea of disputes regarding these solutions as others do not regard most of them as the right way forward. From non-important issues such as food preferences to life issues such as abortion, rational individuals have engaged in unending debates over what is morally right and acceptable to all human beings.
In the mercy killing debate, for instance, intelligent minds as well as learned people have scrutinized the similar facts and have all come up with differing conclusions. The basis of their stand on the whole mercy killing or euthanasia is what brings about the opposing views on how to handle the subject matter. One party’s position is centered on the right to life and the possibility that euthanasia is a form of murder. The opposing party bases their decision on the fact that life is meant to be lived without excruciating pain and thus prefers to end the lives of those who seem to be incapable of getting well.

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