Ethics Essay: What is the most convincing ethical system? Why?

The peaceful co-existence of human beings demands that they live by a set of rules that govern their interaction and how they treat each other. This has necessitated the need for of ethics and ethical codes in every community, which can be defined as a set of rules of conduct or moral principles to live by. Ethics is an extremely touchy subject as it deals with the value of conduct and related the same to good and bad. There are a lot of grey areas what with terms such as necessary evils, wrong actions carried out with good motives, right actions carried out with bad motives, to mention but a few. Ethics therefore can be defined as the fundamental principles and basic concepts that govern human conduct (Pojman, 2012)
Morals are defined as the judgment of the goodness or badness of human conduct. Good morals result from correctly judging the goodness of an action and motives and carrying it out while resisting actions and motives that are bad. Ethics and morals go hand in hand. Good and bad has been debated over the year in a bid to make it a black or white issue. This however has proved extremely difficult and there are always grey areas in whatever theory people come up with. The intention is to be able to classify actions as either good or bad. As it is however, this decision sometimes is based on other parameters other than the action in itself. Motives and reasons come into play, and it would appear that some bad actions can be justified while some good actions are intrinsically wrong due to bad motives.

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