Expanding an MNC- Microsoft Corporation Organizational culture Essay

It is essential to realize that all commercial transactions across the globe are interconnected through various networks associated with network and data. Organizational values for Microsoft International Corporation include the leadership style, the procedures and outlines, the possible definitions of success and the language and symbols. All these symbols are considered a collection of values that should be followed by all individuals, both the workforce and clients. This enhances the organizational control on individual’s interaction as well as the stakeholder’s that are situated outside the organization.
Microsoft International Corporation has concrete beliefs and values that that is related to the different goals associated with the corporation and its members. The corporation is dedicated to ensuring appropriate standards and kinds of behavior for the organization through pursuing different positive business advises. This is because the worldwide advice provided for all corporations has it those positive and acceptable organizational values if well catered for develop to guidelines and organizational norms (Deanm, 2012).

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