Explain why the female reproductive system evolved a menstrual cycle, but the male system does not adhere to any kind of true cycle.
The functioning, processes and design of both human male and female reproductive systems are immeasurably varied .While the main role of the male reproductive system is to produce and deliver millions of sperms for fertilization to the female fallopian tubes, the female reproductive system is responsible for provision of nourishment and shelter for fertilized eggs until such eggs evolve to an offspring. In human females, the purpose of the menstrual cycle is to plan and prepare the uterus in readiness for an embryo incase fertilization happens. This is accomplished through the build up of blood supply along the lining of the uterus. However, menstruation only occurs if the fertilization does not occur thus the blood nutrient for fertilized egg is not needed therefore discharged (The Female Reproductive System, 2014) . On the other hand, the male reproductive system only need a continuous sperm production delivery component instead of a cycle since males do not need to prepare for growth and development of babies until they are born.
Notably, the human females experience the scheduled menstruation cycle because they are part of the mammalian species that experience the same pattern for their females. While it not completely verified, available hypothesis indicate that mammals such as female apes undergo similar cycles while males members of the ape family do not. Therefore, the reproductive systems for male and females are differently as depicted by their reproductive responsibility. According to Caroline et al (2014, p 68), the existence of menstruation in women indicates the fertility and ability to conceive with the attainment of menopause leading to termination of the cycle indicating end of ability to produce female egg cells. On the other had, men can remain fertile for an extended time as long as the system is capable of producing and conveying sperms to female fertilization area.
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