Family as an Agent of socialization Essay

Why is the family considered the most important agent of socialization?

Families are considered the best agents of socialization since they consist of individuals that are always ready to offer good teaching for perfect participation in the society. In addition, it is the first view of social value and is accepted in all societies. They are considered incredibly essential in an individual’s life since they are the primary locus for children’s socialization and the most valuable source for emotional support. Families are believed to also shape a person’s life as well as whom they are entitled to become. This is because how they were raised and the environment they grew up are paramount in determining their character; and the first environment is around family members. A Family assists in molding an individual, shaping how an individual acts in the society throughout their life as well as their outlook in the society (Humberg, 2010). For instance, the family teaches their children how to speak and even how to form interpersonal relationship.

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