Fictitious Statistical Hypothesis Essay
This study provides statistical information of three different bulbs brands. Industrial light bulbs should have a mean life length acceptable to potential users and a relatively small variation in life length. When some bulbs fail too early in their life usage, users become annoyed and are likely to switch to bulbs produced by a different manufacturer. Large variations above the mean reduce replacement sales. A depth study of the different bulbs demonstrated a complete understanding and mastery of the entire course material. In the study, it has been proven that statistics and the mastering of different areas in that perspective can be greatly helpful towards providing solutions to many problems experienced in the real world. This study involves the application of statistical methodologies studied over previous weeks on the course material. It is essential to notice that most light bulb manufacturers develop different life lengths for their bulbs and claim them at the cover of their bulbs. This notion prompted me to come up with a study on the average life lengths on various bulbs (Romano & Lehmann, 2005).

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