Field Experience Paper-Assignment
Five-page paper, APA formatting required.
a) Identify an organization, school, teacher(s), or administrator(s) you will be working with in the development of your plan.
b) Conduct an initial interview of people in this location and/or the surrounding community to learn about challenges being experienced. Use critical thinking to determine the most important stakeholders and their roles in this needs assessment.
c) Gather information through interviews and discussions related to how the institution is currently using technology, along with their capabilities. Ensure the pointedness of the questions to identify the key components of the case at hand. You will summarize these findings in the paper to introduce the situation.
d) Describe the vision and mission of the institution in relation to the problems that have been addressed.
e) Identify a gap and a possible solution. Consider: What is lacking in the use of technology? What recommendations do people in the school and community have for improvement? What are the standards that this solution should meet?
f) Identify the demographics associated with school and the surrounding community and determine an intervention that has the most wide-spread impacts. Knowing this information, how will you obtain stakeholder support?
G) Determine what problems will have to be explicitly planned for, in order for the intervention to be successful.
Rationale: This will serve as the basis for developing your final project. This is not a formal action research project, but the project does offer you the chance to help a community with an evidence-based framework for consideration in improving use of innovative technology. In addition, this is a field experience that will support you in building a professional network.

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