The Final Research paper is a research study addressing a country mentioned in the course (Russia). The final Research Paper provides yo with the opportunity to demonstrate the understanding of how cultures and politics affect one another and ultimately affect Social change, Within the Final Research Paper, address the following. 1. Select chosen culture (Russia).
2. Describe the culture’s political system, 3. Identify a problem within the selected Nations culture,
4. Determine how the political system and the culture affect solutions as well as the development or policies regarding the identified problems. 8 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. APA format.
5 scholarly resources, 3 which can be found in the Ashford online Library, to support claims and subclaims.
Cite resources in text and Resorce page.
Introductory paragraph with succinct thesis statement, address the topic with critical thought.
Conclusion that reaffirms thesis. 5 scholarly resources, 3 from Ashford online Library APA Style.

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