What type of business would most likely benefit from cloud computing? And why?
What are the disadvantages of cloud computing?
Describe the functions and ways ETL, OLAP and Data Mining are used to support a Data Warehouse System.
Describe how CRM systems (B2B/B2C) are used to enhance customer intimacy:
Which enterprise application should a business install first: ERP, SCM or CRM? Why?
As the Senior VP of Strategic Planning which strategy would you focus most: Porter’s Competitive, Disruptive Innovation or Blue Ocean? Why?
Generally, Html is for content, Java is for presentation and CSS is for interactivity:
True or False
Show an example of HTML tags”
Show an example of JAVA Script:
Show an example of CSS codes:
Name and describe a leading Content Management System (CMS):
Bad data or data not understood? Explain:
Distinguish between a push-base and a pull-based model of supply chain management:
Section Four: Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) (30 points)
Copy the Final University DB from the Learning Materials Section to your desktop. Open (Click on) the database to see seven tables, one query, two forms and one report. Open and view the following tables to see their contents:
1. StudentTable
2. ClassTable
3. MajorTable
4. DegreeProgram
5. Instructor
6. RegrTable
When you open the RegrTable, you will see seven students have been registered. Open the RegrTable Query to see their names and classes, etc. Open the RegrTable under Report to see students organized by course.
Next, use the codes in the tables above and add them to the RegrTable to register five additional students. When completed you would have twelve registrations in the RegrTable query and report. If not then you would have made an error. If this is the case, find and correct to complete the assignment.