For this assignment, students will complete a research paper on a public health issue from a list of approved topics. This assignment is to present a problem/issue and explore alternative solutions to the problem. Students will research and write a scholarly paper on the topic using APA formatting. The paper is to be approximately 8-10 pages in length, plus the title or cover page, abstract and reference pages. Follow APA format, including a cover page with running head, abstract, topic headers or subheadings, proper in-text citation, and a reference page. Use 1” margins and 12-point font with only black ink-even for tables/charts.
Students must choose a topic from the list of approved topics accompanying this set of directions (see page 2).
Use the subheadings: Issue, Literature Review, Conclusion, and Proposal, Evaluation in order to delineate sections of the paper to match the grading rubric.
1. Issue (Problem statement): State the specific issue or problem. Begin with a review of the background or development of the issue followed by data/statistics and why this is an important issue. Is this an issue that is large in scope? Is the problem growing?
2. Literature Review (Gather solutions): Provide a literature review of the possible solutions to the issue using scholarly research articles properly referenced Review a diverse sampling of the literature to gain at least two alternative solutions. Summarize each article and use in-text citations for each with full reference in the Reference page.
3. Conclusion (Create a strategy): Evaluate the possible solutions or alternatives discussed above and draw a conclusion. Present a logical explanation of your conclusions based on the evidence of authors cited in your Literature Review.
4. Proposal (Create a plan). Based on your conclusions, choose one solution and provide a specific, detailed intervention (proposal) based on your conclusions. Indicate steps for the proposal.
5. Evaluate the proposal. Determine how you would evaluate the proposal’s success using objective measures. How would you look at adjustments if the plan did not work?
6. Review the grading rubric below (page 3) for how your work will be graded.
HLTH320 Approved Topics for Week Six Research Paper
For this assignment, you are to present both sides of an argument, for or against, or pro/con, or alternative views. You must choose one of these topics listed below and then do a literature search using reliable sources to present both sides.
Environmental Issues (choose one)
• Is the EPA too strict or too lenient?
• What is the best way to treat air pollution?
• Does recycling work?
• Landfills or alternatives to landfills?
• Is our clean water supply running out (yes/no)?
FDA (choose one)
• Is the FDA too strict or too lenient?
• Should the FDA trust research conducted by drug manufacturers (yes /no)?
Adult Obesity (choose one)
• Is it an issue of heredity or environment?
• Should we regulate or educate?
• Compare weight loss programs
Childhood obesity
• Should we regulate or educate?
Aging population (choose one)
• Are the elderly better off in a community setting or in a nursing home?
• Should we treat dementia with drugs or with changes in the environment?
Family Planning/population control (choose one)
• Should the government be involved in family planning (yes/no)?
• Should emergency contraception (morning after pill) be sold over the counter to all ages?
• Should we monitor which foods may be purchased with Food Stamps (yes /no)?
Vaccines (choose one)
• Are the possible side effects of vaccines dangerous (yes/ no)?
• Should we regulate or educate?
Lifestyle behaviors (choose one)
• Education or regulation on any one of the lifestyle behaviors (smoking, alcohol use, etc.)
• Should employers have the right to reject employment of tobacco users?
• Should the Blood Alcohol Concentration measurement for impaired drivers be reduced from .08% to .05%?
• Are e-cigarettes safe to use (yes/no)?
General Public Health Initiatives (choose one)
• Should public health focus on basic or applied research?

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