Free Classroom Scenario Analysis Essay


In most learning institutions the classes are made up of students from different ethnic backgrounds. They have different cultures and also speak different languages. In a typical classroom, the majority of the students will speak the same language. The teacher in a diverse classroom must then employ strategies which will accommodate all the students in the class. This will ensure that every learner gets the best quality of education. This will enable them to be better prepared forcareer and expressing themselves. In the paper, three strategies that can be used by the teacher will be discussed. New strategies and research that will help the English language learners to gain in depth mastery of the language will also be discussed.

Students need to understand the essence of what is being said to them or presented during instructional periods.   For students to understand what is being said to them, teachers should use graphic organizers to help students understand what is being taught to them.  Teachers can also present applicable background information and content about what they are teaching.  Teachers can also present information that brings the learner’s cultures and experiences into the curriculum and vocabulary; using things that they know to help them develop and understanding about what is being said.  Other ways that teachers can make input comprehensible is to use language that is consistent, use visual aids as much as possible, and give students ample amount of time and opportunities that allow them to express their feelings or their own ideas (Kaneb, 2014).

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