Free P’kolino Case Study Essay


This paper examines the P’Kolino Business plan in detail. Despite the business plan having most of the essentials required in a business plan, it has some deficiencies such as the failure to include a management structure. This review will try and provide the crucial missing part of the business plan that the two founders include in the first place.
  The P’kolino Story: Summary
P’kolino is based around its founder’s idea of making better kids playing products to improve play. Antonio and Schneider conceptualized the idea of P’Kolino while studying for their MBA at Babson College. The P’Kolino story is a great example of businesses which are well researched and the P’Kolino business plan attempts to cover all essentials of a business plan. Antonio and Schneider conducted intensive research also including design students and even family members which culminated in the production of the P’kolino Play Table which set the base for the P’kolino Business. In spite of this, the business plan still needs to answer the following questions for it to be complete and thorough:

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