Free Plato Symposium Term Paper

The symposium occurred when different philosophers, who were also friends, gathered together for a party, but decided to talk rather than drink. Among them were Socrates and Agathon. During the dialogue that resulted in the meeting, Diotoma and Aristodemus were mentioned in the conversation as their speeches were featured in the dialogue by reputation. Socrates narrated the tale of love by Diotoma to the group while that of Aristodemus was repeated by Apollodorus.
Question one: What is the relationship between Aristophanes speech in praise of love in the Symposium, and Socrates speech?
The tale of love by Aristophanes as repeated before the philosophers by Apollodorus was very convincing. Aristophanes thought that, at the beginning, man existed as a double. This means that man was not separate as he is presently. Androgynous was the name of the man and woman union (Jowett 20). This union had four legs, four hands, four eyes and generally, a double of the normal man. The union was so powerful, that with its speed and knowledge, threatened to remove the gods into existence. The gods became afraid of the union and destroyed it by separation.

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