Gregor Mendel’s principles of inheritance
Reference: Plato to Darwin to DNA (Mendel’s work) This essay must be two single spaced pages, font 12 and one-inch margins. No plagiarism and check for grammar errors before returning.

  • Assigned topic: Alzheimer’s Disease

Introduction • Who was Gregor Mendel? (Brief statement) • What did he do? (Spent 8 years doing experiment on pea plants) • Examples of pea experiment (Explain Punnett Square) • What are three principles of inheritance proposed by Mendel based on pea experiment? o Fundamental theory of Heredity o Principle of Segregation o Principle of independent assortment • What are the exceptions to Mendel’s rules? • How can these principles be applied in human genetic disorder/disease research? Body • Explain assigned genetic disorders/diseases. (My assigned topic is Alzheimer’s disease) • Examples of genetic inheritance (Defected genetic info pass down from mother to offspring) • Symptoms of disorders/diseases • Treatment plan
Conclusion • Summary of my whole essay (Summarizing what you mentioned in introduction and body paragraphs)
This essay must have three sources/references. One has to be “Plato to Darwin to DNA (Mendel’s work)” and the other two have to be from either one of these journals: • PubMed • NCBI

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