Free Sample Essay: Gun Control Sample Research Essay

Gun ownership among civilians has existed for many years not only in the United States but also in several other countries in the world (Lott, 2010). Private gun ownership has always been considered a constitutional right, especially in the United States, and this is one major reason for the government acceptance to allow the people to enjoy the right to own the guns (Harcourt, 2014). The laws permit common citizens to own guns for such uses as leisure-hunting and shooting sports but the main idea has always be to arm people for self-defense. Although private gun ownership might be considered relevant, several governments have started to mistrust the people with the firearms, calling for the reviewing of the law on the issue (Lott, 2010). In recent years, many governments such as that of Japan, Britain and other European countries have embarked on restricting gun sales to control their availability in the hands of common citizens in the countries. The move has majorly, been instigated by the fact that, readily availability of private guns has substantially contributed to increases in crime rates in the countries (Mackey and Levan, 2013). Although the allegations have received strong criticism from other parties, the initiatives to control private gun ownership are pursuing the course unabated not only in the United States, but also in other countries.

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