Health care has a plethora of accrediting agencies and programs. Some are mandated by the state in which they operate (State Licensure) and some are voluntary like Joint Commission, Malcolm Baldridge, and others. 
Medical management committees are convened for nearly all-large healthcare systems/organizations who determine which “optional” accreditations are worthy to pursue. Discuss the considerations that such a committee would likely discuss based on your readings and/or actual experiences in their decision-making process. 
Plethora of accrediting health organizations Essay
Medical management committees are one of the accrediting agencies established in various states and they have a responsibility of deciding accreditations that the health care should pursue. Essentially, most of these decisions differ basing on the coverage basing on the health care provider. One of the considerations that is looked at by the medical management committee are the policies in the healthcare organization especially those regarding patient treatment with different health conditions. In this respect, health care standards and services provided to the patient is very vital to every health care provided, thus, the medical management have a responsibility of making decisions which will protect patients in the hospital (Kongstvedt, 2013).
Undoubtedly, there are variations when it comes to the target of the health care facility. For instance, a health care provider might specialize in providing health services to young children only, to the elderly only or to both children and the old. To this effect, the committee should consider the areas of specialization of the health care provider before coming up with its or her decisions regarding the accreditation of the health care provided. This means that the optional services provided by the health care should be in tandem with the decisions made by the medical management committee set for the health care provider.
In addition to that, medical management committees make their exclusive decisions on accreditation options of a health care provided basing on the equipment used in the health care facility. In this respect, the equipment used should be up to date to meet the required standards across the globe. With the proliferation of new equipments every year, before the medical management committee makes any decision on the accreditation of the health care provider then it will have to go through its equipment to ensure that they provide quality services (Chan, 2003).
Lastly the effectiveness of the health services provided by the health institution is vital. This means that, all medical practioners employed by the institution should be well qualified and provide quality services to their patients or clients. To this effect, the medical management team takes a closer look at each department on how it performs before coming to a conclusion on the accreditation.
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