How The Media Influences The Portrayal Of Women Essay Paper

This is a two-page paper on sexism. The paper explores how the media influences the portrayal of women. It highlights how males play a big role in sexism. It relies on two sources and is in APA format.
Media and males play a significant role in influencing the portrayal of women in society. According to the Women’s Media Center video, women face emotional, psychological, and sexual stereotyping from the moment they come into this world. The media influences opinions and from the video, the men who are featured appear to focus on the women’s looks and manner of dressing as opposed to their contribution. Hillary Clinton is the focus of male bashing in the video because of her mannerism and dressing. The men do not consider her an attractive female and instead of focusing on her political efforts, they look down on her for being a powerful woman in an obviously patriarchal society. She cannot seem to do anything right in their eyes because she is not submissive and goes against their idea of an ideal woman. There is a focus on her hair, cleavage and haggard look when there are other more important issues to discuss. It seems like men are threatened by powerful women and the only way to bring them down is to demonstrate their departure from societal expectations, which are based on the assumption that men are better than women (Women’s Media Center, 2008).

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