Looking for a simple guide on how to get a girlfriend in college, how to ask a girl out and get a yes in college? Yeah. This article will talk about dating college girls. Remember that we are not doing explicit here!- Just cute ways to ask out a girl! This is a guide to get you started.
This is a very simple hack on how to get girls in college and creative ways to ask a girl out. Here are some cute ways to ask a girl out:

One Stupid Thing That Won’t Work

Here, I will deal with one thing: Pick up lines! Pickup lines sucks, beating around the bush is full of crap and might not win you a cute soul. Do not waste your time thinking of pick up lines or even some googling for funny flirting quotes. They will make you look like a zombie. Just be yourself and think on some creative ways on how to ask a woman out.

3 Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out In College

It is all about a mind game and girls are sharp and cute too. They want someone you is intelligent and fun. I have unearthed some images on cute ways of asking a woman out.

  • Food Creativities: 


(college dating Ideas- Google Images)

Show them that you cares by using food. Go to that local college joint and instruct them to make some cake and have some word on top of it and let them bring it to your girl. It can be a surprise though.

  • Do it over some common interest:

ask a girl out in college

(Google Images)

This is crazy way to ask for a girl out but it might work. If you guys have something in common, you better utilize that moment.

  • Use a Book to Ask the Cutie Out.

This is one of the best ways to ask that beautiful college girl for a date. Find a book and attach a sticky note with some answers like the following picture.

using a book to ask a woman out

(Google Images – using a book to ask a woman out)

  • Take Her For a Treat- A Theater or a Movie

This will work 99% of the time but it will solely depend on how you present yourself:

Google Images- special ways to ask a girl out

(Google Images- special ways to ask a girl out)

Yeah. Taking a girl for a movie will cost you what? 15 Dollars? 20 Usd? But trust me you. It is really worth it.
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