How to assess the effectiveness of coaching and consulting interventions at the individual, group, and organizational levels
Coaching and consulting is the facilitation of a client to learn and acquire certain competencies or use them to realize success. Coaching and consulting takes place at an individual level, group level or organizational levels. There are various ways that are employed to assess how effective coaching and consulting has been in the different levels.
For coaching and consulting to be termed as having been effective according to Stevenson (2014), it should have supported an individual, a group or an organization to bring change to its performance. The coaching or consulting should be able to do this by increasing the performance in line with the mission. Coaching and consulting is also deemed to be effective when it works to provide ample support that aids in personal transformation and leads to transition in career role. Effectiveness is also determined by the support in the developing of future leaders for the organization. The development is carried out through increased ability to strategic thinking, provision of direction and vision, acceleration of change, energizing and motivating people, intellectual honesty, influencing, valuing people, teamwork and partnering, delivering results and developing people.
The effectiveness of coaching and consulting can also be assessed by the ability to provide an effective solution to address a particular challenge or problem area in an individual, group or an organization. Lastly coaching and consulting can be assessed for effectiveness at various levels by looking at the support it offers and its ability in facilitating the creation of a culture in an organization that’s inherent on creativity, value learning and progressive improvement (Stevenson, 2014).
Coaching entails helping a client to improve their existing capabilities, to set meaningful goals and be accountable for the outcomes of their actions. Consultation entails giving of expert advice to a client in a particular area. Coaching and consulting in today’s world is faced with the cultural diversity issue. The issue is brought by globalization and affects the way these activities are carried out. Coaching and consulting is usually carried out on an individual, a group, or an organization. Various ways used to eases the effectiveness of coaching and consulting at the different levels.