Stress among college students is one of the key issue in college that has not been critically analysed. In fact, stressed college students are more than what is analysed on data of stress in college students statistics. Generally, the effects of stress affects nearly 70% of the world population but since majority of our customers are college students, this article will be based on stress management in college.

Causes and Effects of Stress on College Students.

Here are some of the causes of stress in college and ways in which they can affect your performance while in college (coping with stress power point presentation ):

  • Poor Time Management and Organization:

In college, time is of essence and if you don’t know how to balance time and organize your calendar, there are high chances that stress will be with you for a very long time. One thing you need to do to avoid college stress is getting your priorities right.

  • Poor Eating Habit and Methods: College Freshman Stress:

Did you know that there are actually good food that can reduce your stress levels? Some of these foods are avocados, oatmeal, and salmon. Most college freshmen diets consist of take-out foods like noodles, candy, and Pizza among others. These foods don’t have stress reliving properties. Hence, if you need to reduce college stress levels, check what you are eating and work on it.

  • Competition :

Achieving the best grades and being the best in college is tricky business. Whether you are trying to learn how to write good research papers, or do programming homework the best way, you need to learn how to balance. Do not get mental about college. Make everything fun from essay writing to final exams. For the case of paper writing you can buy a research paper at Essay Agents and reduce stress.

  • Inability to cope with high work load:

As pointed above you have to understand that college is not high school. And whether you like it or not, you can’t do everything on your own. Learn to work with teams and seeking help. If you fail to create a balance, you will possibly be like other students who asks: is college degree education worth it. Constantly make use of final exam calculator online.

  • Relationships and Financial Stress:

You need to learn how to handle stress about money and relationships. The are some of the largest contributors of college suicide and other bad stuff in college. Live within your means, get a part time job. You can check our simple guide on how to make money in college or still contact us if you need help beyond that article.