A. Describe how to introduce the concept of surface area of a cube to students in grades 5 and 6.
B. Describe the prerequisite skills the students need to be able to solve a problem involving the surface area of a cube.
C. Explain how to teach the skills the students need to:
1. Understand the steps necessary to turn “2-dimensional” materials into a 3-dimensional cube.
2. Determine the exterior surface area of a cube.
There is numerous application that people conduct in their day to day activities that involve computing areas. Many of these problems involves knowing the area of three-dimensional objects. To successfully introduce the model of surface area to fifth grade and sixth grade students, they must first understand what three-dimensional object look like, and comprehend how they are positioned together. By adopting manipulatives and permitting students to alter a two-dimensional paper into a three-dimensional object, would ensure that they understand the model. Fifth and sixth grade students need physically to see and hold a cube to comprehend what a three-dimensional object looks like. Understanding the concept of three-dimensions would facilitate surface area calculation.

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