How to Manage International Joint Venture Successfully Essay

Good business is concerned with growth and development in every sphere of performance in and out of market. Business might concern the aspect of buying and selling of goods and services with a sole purpose of making profit. However, such aspects are not the only facet that deals with everything within the business world. For instance, for a good business to be availed to the global market and rendered as one of the movers and chasers of the economy, it has to fly high and reach many places capable of reaching in the global market.
One aspect that remains as a stronghold is the fact that the market is always ready unless an ideal business does not come into place (Zeira & Shenkar, 2009, p. 43). One of the strategies that many businesses in the world have managed to do is to engage in small levels of partnership designed at meeting the entire requirements of growth and development. One of the immediate actions taken by a desiring business is to venture into the global market as part of the growth strategies. However, majority of small, medium, and large-scale businesses have not lived to the expectations that are required of international ventures in the market.

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