Wondering on how to write a 500 words essay assignment? how to write a 500 word scholarship essay? Looking for 500 word college essay examples? Like any other essay, a five hundred words essay (500 word essay length) is one of the most common essay writing prompt you will get in your education life. Whether you are just applying for a scholarship that requires you to write a 500 words application essay or completing a 500 word paper for school, this guide will be a great guide from starting to concluding your paper. In this guide we will take you through writing a 500 word essay if you wish to do it yourself. We will skip the parts of finding a topic and get to the dos and don’ts of writing a short essay like this
Many students when tasked with writing short essays like a 500 words sample, they are unable to balance their paper well and in most cases, they end up having more words that what is stipulated in the college instructions. Remember each paper comes with a well stated word limit clause and you should be extremely careful to avoid losing marks. If you need help writing a winning essay fast, you can place your order for a 500 word essay with us, pick your deadline, and wait for a finished paper

  • How long is a 500 word essay– This essay is about 2 pages in length
  • How many pages is 500 words double spaced?– This is nearly 2 pages
  • 500 words is how many paragraphs – It takes about 5 paragraphs with each having 100 words

How to Write a Good 500 Word Essay Yourself

In simple terms, a 500 word paper will have three sections: Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. Basically, any essay should be written in a 1:8:1 ratio. This means that the introduction will take 10%, main body- 80%, and conclusion will be 10%.  What does a 500 word essay look like?

  • Introduction:

An introduction for your 500 word paper won’t differ from that of any other paper. The online thing that will change is number of words and that of the introductory paragraphs. You can have an introduction that is not longer than 80 words. This means that you have to make your introduction brief and on point. Make sure your wordings are inviting enough so that the reader is tempted to read the rest of the paper. Make sure you develop a clear thesis statement as this is what the rest of the essay is tied on.

  • Main Body:

This is the heart of your essay. Your ideas and arguments are written and explained here. In a 500 word essay, you would want to make sure this section doesn’t go beyond 300 words. Every word you use in your essay count so avoid unnecessary wording. Except when writing an opinion essay, make sure that your that your arguments are supported by quality references.
When writing a five hundred word essay, there is no specific format of placing your arguments in the body section. All you have to ensure that your ideas or arguments flow and they are semantically correct.

  • Conclusion:

In your conclusion, you are required to review your key arguments and restate your thesis statement. Make your conclusion not more than 100 words. When restating your thesis, make sure that you use stronger terms and rewrite it. This is your last chance of convincing your readers to believe in you and give you that good mark. You can consider ending the essay with a question if the kind of essay you are writing allows for that. For a 500 word scholarship essay, this is your chance to prove that you are good enough and you deserve that scholarship than any other applicant.
After you are done writing your essay, make sure that you go through your work, check for all grammatical errors, logical errors, and don’t forget to test your 500 word paper for plagiarism. Find someone like a friend or family to go through your essay or hire our professionals to proofread and edit your 500 words essay at affordable price.

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