How To Write A Cogently Reasoned Argumentative Type Paper 

The aim is to teach the student how to write a cogently reasoned argumentative type paper which might have a chance of persuading someone reading it that the writer has sighed the pros and cons on the issue in an even-handed way, and that the conclusions reached are sound and convincing. The student is expected to research the topic using the assigned text, but also to think about the issue by actually evaluating the arguments on the various sides in his/her own mind. Very often one has already made up one’s mind on such controversial issues, and thus already has a fixed opinion about which one might have strong feelings. We might not feel that we have to justify or give reasons why one holds these opinions or feels the way one does, But the assumption guiding this assignment is that we ought to be able to justify it. for this is demanded of anyone who enters into a rational dialogue with others to search for a common truth.

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