What is a Job Application Cover Letter?
Job application cover letter is a document that accompanies your resume when applying for a job position. The main purpose of the job application cover letter is to introduce yourself, present arguments why you fit the job, and to request for an interview.

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Whether you are a graduate or unemployed professional, you will need to write a cover letter while applying for a job. It is worth noting that a great cover letter  is not a direct ticket to getting a job, but it is a great way of getting the attention of any potential employer. This is a simple guide on how to write a cover letter for a job application.
Main Objectives of Your Job Application Cover letter  Are:

  • Identification

This is where you start off. Introduce yourself, the position that you are applying for, and finally explain how you learnt about the job opening

  • Qualifications

Tell you potential employer about your qualifications and why you above all the other applicants qualify more for the position. This is your selling point.

  • Interview Request

This is the final step yet the most important one. Here, make a polite request to the potential employer to invite you for an interview. Thank the reader before closing your letter.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Application

1.Contact Information and Salutation

This is the first thing you should address when writing a cover letter. Include both your details and that of the hiring manager. Many are the times job postings don’t have the contact details and applicants are left in a dilemma on what kind of salutations to use. Do your research well, google the company name, or take the job description and perform a search. If you fail to get the name of the hiring manager’s name, you can use salutation like: “Dear Hiring Manager”.  At least the hiring manager will see that you had tried your best. Do not use salutations like: “To whom it may concern” in your job application letter.
2. Introduction
This involves telling the employer about yourself in very brief terms. Here, you can talk about the position that you are applying for, some information about yourself, and how your goals aligned to the company’s goals.
3. Sell Yourself
Use this part to respond to the job description. Describe how your experiences and education background are perfect for the job. Feel free to use words and phrases from the job description.  It is in this section that you should show the hiring manager that you have researched about their company by explaining how you can solve some challenges or advance what they already have if they hire you.  Try to talk about your industry understanding and your take on issues affecting similar businesses in the sector, If you have past experience in a similar firm or organization, talk about that here.
4. Conclusion
Here is the call to action part. Tell the hiring manager how you would love to be interviewed. Tell him or her that you are eager for a face to face interview anytime. Remember to thank them for taking your time to review your application.

Help Writing Job Application Cover Letters and Resumes

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An Example Cover Letter- 3 paragraph Job Application Cover Letter

how to write a cover letter for job application

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