Cover Letter for Internship: The guide on how to write a good cover letter for an internship has been requested a number of times by students seeking work for the first time.
An internship application cover letter varies from the normal cover letter since such letters lack the experience part. It is more of a what you want to do than what you have done.
It is still better to note that your internship application letter is your selling point. This means you need to stand out from any other applicant. A good internship cover letter is what will make the potential employer want to read your resume. We will cover how to write a resume in another page.

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Five Ways To Make Your Internship Cover Letter Stand Out:

  • Create Connections First- Networking:

This step is usually ignored. It is always good to know some of the senior employees or owners of the organization that you are trying to apply for internship to. This comes in handy if the organization receives high number of applications which means some even go unread. A senior employee can be able to do some follow ups and have your application processed. This will increase your chances of being accepted. For networking, try linkedin connections and networking events.

  • Use a Two Columns, T-style Cover Letter:

During the internship cover letter writing, you may want to use a two columns table to showcase how you fulfil various requirements needed by an organization. One one side you list the internship requirements and on the other, write how you have used your skills in the past to solve challenges similar to the requirement set.

  • Talk More How You Will Add Value If Accepted:

This is what any employer want to hear when hiring or accepting interns to their organization. Your cover letter should tell of ways you have in mind that will solve the challenges being experienced by the organization and how you will assist them achieve their set goals and objectives.

  • Include Some References:

References are very important when applying for an internship. These are people who can vouch for you. Even if the employer has not requested for this part, make sure you include 2-3 referees. They tell the employer that you are serious and that you really want the position.

  • Put Everything as a Single Document:

Irrespective of the number of documents that you want the employer to see, make sure you present them as one document. Nobody has the time to go through a series of documents. According to Mary Eason, an Internship coordinator McNeese State University, you should go ahead and rename the document as: You-Name- Cover-Letter.

Breakdown Of Your Internship Letter

This will answer a simple question of how long should cover letter be.

  • Introduction:

This entails simple introduction on the position that you are applying and how you learned about the organization.

  • Background Information:

Here, talk about what you are currently studying and what you intend to do in that line. These may include future projects that you would like to undertake and research.

  • Future Goals:

Talk about what you want to do upon graduation.You can also talk about the relevance and impact of this internship in your future career.

  • Close Your Internship Cover Letter:

This sums up your internship cover letter and should have your contacts and should also show your real desire to intern in that organization.
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