How do you write a personal statement for college application? Whether you are making an application for college, undergraduate, or a graduate program, you will be required to write a personal statement. Many institutions prefer the applicants to write a personal statement essay rather than filling in a form as an essay gives them more information about the applicant than the conventional ‘fill in the blanks application form’. In simple terms your personal statement should make the college fall in love with you.

Simple Tips on How to Make a Good Personal Statement for College

  • Talk About Yourself

College personal statement is about yourself. The admission officer want to hear about your life, family, where you come from, and life around you. College personal statement requires you to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Admission officer wants to get an insight of your personality. College wants to know what kind of a personal they adding to their community, what values they hold, what impact have they had in the lives of other people. These are some qualities that can’t be borrowed from a transcript.
Basically, college personal statement essay shows who you are besides your GPA and exam scores. Your qualities will greatly influence your experience while in college.

  • Show That You Are Different

The core aim of writing a college personal statement essay is to show the admission officer that you are better than other applicants. Provide an explanation why the college should accept your application and reject that of some other student. Write about how you will contribute positively to the college community.

  •  Follow the Personal Statement Prompt Instructions Carefully

Not following instruction is a straight ticket to have your statement thrown in the nearest dustbin. Adhere to the stated word limit. One of the things the admission officer will look at is how good you follow the instructions.

  • Showcase Your Writing Skills

College requires you to have good writing skills and that is what they will be testing you. You need to know how to express yourself in writing, know other writing skills needed in college. Take your time and write a winning personal statement. Make sure you proofread your essays. Check this guide in order to know why it is important to proofread your work. Even if you aren’t such a good writer, do not let your paper include any errors and grammatical mistakes. Don’t get the admission officer bored even without finishing your essay.

  • Talk About Your Transcripts and Factors That Affected You

If you are just coming out of high school, you can talk about factors that influenced you grades. Find an explanation for that drop in GPA. The admission officer would be interested to know if you had serious issues that affected your performance in High School. Be sure to explicitly explain your circumstances.
With these five points, you are set to write a winning personal statement essay for college. If you are stuck and need help, our team of experts will write your essay at an affordable fee. Get a professional college personal statement written in less than  6 hours. Order a custom college personal statement essay.