Sample Paper on: Human Computer Interaction Essay

The following is a three-part project consisting of a web-based nested interface of a fictitious hotel chain by the name Naran Resorts International. The fictitious site is a demonstration of the Human Computer Interface (HCI) integrations in reference to the hotel chains’ reservations system. A second part then further describes an array of HCI screen images of user interaction. The third and the final part, provides an activity diagram for the process of changing reservations within the hotel chain.

Part One
Naran Resorts International operates hotels in Bombay, Costa Rica and Florida. As such the business requires a well integrated corporate guest reservation system for deployment with wide area network duly connected. The system should be culture sensitive giving an allowance for the varied languages and cultural sensitivities (Stair & Reynolds, 2012). The clients will have secured logons into the web-based solution provider (Raytheon Inc., 2011). It being that staff at Naran Resorts International is of diverse cultural backgrounds, a language navigator will be fully integrated into the website interface. Once an employee logs in to the reservations page, he/she is received with instructions in English, Hindi, French and Spanish on how to navigate settings for the language they prefer (see figure 1).
Figure 1. Main Page Language Navigator Usage Instructions
On the main menu page are instructions that direct the user in selecting their preferred language from the Language Navigator (see figure 2). The user is at liberty to switch from one support language to another (see figure 3). The user network profile retains such changes in a cookie (TechRepublic Inc, 2006).
Figure 2. Language Navigator Integration with Main Menu
Figure 3. Language Navigator Choice Options

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