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Factors that Influence Employee Motivation Answers
Evaluate three (3) factors that influence employee motivation and provide one (1) original example of each
One major factor the influences employee motivation in any company is compensation. Job compensation is done through money and other benefits like annual leaves, insurance, and bonuses. For many employees, money is a significant motivator. Although it is not the ultimate motivator at the job, money entices many employees when choosing job positions. Money can be used to motivate employees across various industries. When used adequately monetary motivation schemes can increase the loyalty of the employees as well as their productivity in an organization (Martin, 2009). The compensation programs that increase the motivation of the employee include high salary perks, bonuses and compensation for excess hours spent on the job. Other monetary options that increase the motivation of the employees include stock and profit sharing. Google has been the last few years been voted among the best workplace in the US. Although it employs various employee motivation strategies, Google also offers among the best salary schemes in the US.
The second factor that motivates employees is leadership. Leadership influences how conducive a workplace becomes to the employees. Leadership is the factor that determines how well the workplace relationships happen. The rise of Apple in the technology world, for example, was highly influenced by the leadership style that was exercised by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs exercised innovation driven leadership style where he played the role of an example of the innovator. The specific impacts of leadership on the motivation of the employees depend on the leadership styles applied in a business case (Martin, 2009). There are four leadership styles that influence the employees’ motivation, namely autocratic, transformational, democratic and quiet leadership styles. Autocratic styles of leadership can enhance employee motivation if applied in fast-paced business environments. However, its motivational impact on the employees is only achieved if the leader can make accurate decisions regarding different situations. The transformational leadership is applied where the input of all workers is critical to the business success. Transformational leadership style produces motivation through the charismatic expression of the business vision to the workers. This way the leader tries to create enthusiasm about the important ideas to be exploited. Moreover, the democratic leadership style influences the employees’ motivation through their involvement in decisions. This style creates an impression of the employees’ inclusion hence improving their attitudes towards work (Martin, 2009). Quiet leadership style allows the employees to make all the decisions independently. This style motivates the workers with expert-level training in an organization.
The third factor that influences the motivation of the employees is their relationship with the co-workers. Where the workers work together, they can achieve a uniform goal. Moreover, respect in the workplace determines how well the co-workers teach each other the approaches of company’s value addition. Organizations with well-organized work groups have high levels of employees’ motivation. Amazon’s case demonstrates the need for good co-worker’s relationships in employees’ motivation. At Amazon, employees are divided into a small team that works to accomplish specific tasks. In these small teams, the new employees are mentored to become great team players. In the end, the employees create beneficial relationships. This aspect creates motivation to remain in the company.

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The FMLA law Research Help Example
The FMLA law is administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division for all private, local and state government and certain federal employees. For most employers, it became effective on 5th August 1993. The law allows the employees to take job-protected leaves for up to 12 weeks in 12-month duration because of specific medical and family reasons. The law applies to all public institutions and private employers with at least 50 employees in at least 20 workweeks during the year or preceding year. To become eligible for FMLA leaves, one must be working for a covered employer. He or she should have worked for at least 12 months and at least 1250 hours in the 12 months prior to the request. The employer must be having at least 50 employees employed within 75 miles. The reasons for the unpaid leave entitlement include the birth and care of infant of the employee. Another reason is the adoption of a new son or daughter by the employee. Additionally, the employee can seek the leave to take care of close relatives with a serious medical condition. Also, the employees can take a leave if they have a serious medical condition. Finally, the employee can take a leave to attend qualifying exigencies of a son, daughter or spouse (Ohio State Bar Association, 2012). In relation to Julie case study here: Provide a brief explanation of the FMLA law and appraise this law
Julie is eligible for FMLA leave. She has worked for her employer for 36 years above the minimum recommended period under FMLA, which is 12 months. Secondly, her workplace has 75 employees, which is far more than the recommended minimum of 50 employees. Under the FMLA, the employee becomes eligible for leave if the employer has at least 50 employees from within 70 miles radius. This aspect qualifies Julie and disqualifies Steven. Additionally, the employee is eligible if he/she has worked for at least 12 months. This aspect also qualifies Julie and disqualifies Steven.
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