Ignorance is Bliss Persuasive Essay

Ignorance can be defined as a deficiency in self-monitoring skills. Both competent and incompetent individuals tend to suffer from this ‘disease’; something researchers say is killing our generation. Majority of people have an above average rating of themselves on a wide array of abilities, which begs the question, are we, really the best who know how little we know?
People’s lives are negatively affected in that, we miss opportunities and our assumptions are to blame for this (Donovan, 2012). We try and come up with excuses to cover up for our ignorance but, are we that dumb? Most people argue that our religious, cultural and political beliefs contribute immensely to the way we take things and for this matter, our ignorance (Goode, 2000). Members of different religions discover their common beliefs and so do the people from different backgrounds. The reason as to why other people judge us and treat us inhumanly due to our differences is therefore unacceptable.

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