Each question should be answered in one page
1. Imagine you are developing a small unit of study in your class during early December. Knowing there are various holidays during this period, come up with a way to use these in at least one of your learning centers in the class to promote literacy. Find and share the texts you would introduce to the class for this unit and state how you would integrate these texts into the curriculum. Describe how the texts would be used in an interactive discussion to promote learning about this unit.
2. In Chapter 9 of Literacy’s Beginnings: Supporting Young Readers and Writers read about the “Guided Reading Approach.” Briefly describe the three critical components and then outline how you might use this approach and the described literacy centers in your own class or the one you hope for in the future. How would you use this to help support children who might otherwise be at risk for literacy failure?
3. Reading Fluency
After reading the article “Using a Repeated Reading Program to Improve Generalization of Oral Reading Fluency,” describe the steps used when a teacher employs the repeated reading technique to improve oral reading rates. What were some other strategies that the authors employed to improve fluency? Why is fluency important to children learning to read?
Also, refer back to the article “Does Intensive Decoding Instruction Contribute to Reading Comprehension?” How does fluency aid in the development of comprehension? Compare your strategies to that of another learner, sharing possible ways to expand learning regarding the development of reading fluency.
4. After reading the article, “Using Drama and Movement to Enhance English Language Learners’ Literacy Development,” choose one of the following:
Search the internet for one or two articles or Web pages that explore the similarities and differences between language structures used in spoken and written language. Post the bibliographic information using APA citation and provide a summary of the article or Web pages.
Identify an article that investigates classroom practices, for example drama or storytelling in the classroom that help young learners develop reading and writing skills. Write a substantive post on how the practice scaffolds literacy skill development. Post bibliographic information using APA citation and provide a summary of the article or Web pages.