Impact of technological innovations on the civil war both on and off the battlefield

Civil war is a battle between organized groups within the same country or republic. American civil war lasted from the year 1861 to 1865; it was between the Union States and the Southern States or Confederate States. The conflict was brought about by the opposing views on slavery.
Technological innovations had an impact on the war. The civil war initiated industrial wars. They used railroads, telegraphs and steamships. There was the mobilization of civilian banks, mines, and mass production of weapons and food supplies. The railroad was an innovation when civil war started in America. The railroad was able to supply a huge number of armies making it possible for army men to be in the battle field all year. Another success was that it enabled transportation of food supplies and heavy ammunitions. The North railroads provided the union army to outlast the south who often ran low on supplies. The North had standardized gauge that allowed for transferring of vehicles instead of unloading and reloading freight. The south did not have a standard gauge.

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