Everyday Philosophy- importance of philosophy in our daily life

Keywords: importance of philosophy in our life, uses of philosophy in everyday life, examples of philosophy in everyday life
As part of the ancient and famous philosophers of all the time, Epicurus and Socrates have been seen as some of the wisest men who ever lived. Epicurus was the founder of school of philosophy known as Epicureanism. For Epicurus, the main aim of philosophy was to live a happy and tranquil life free from ataraxia and aponia. Some of his teachings were that both pain and excitement or pleasure are measures of what is evil and what is good; death virtually leads to stop in biological functioning of the body and soul and, therefore, no one should fear. It is not the duty of the gods to appreciate or punish human being; the world is not finite and long lasting, and the happenings of the universe are entirely based on the motions of the atoms spanning on space (Comte-Sponville, 2002 p.45). On the other hand, Socrates teachings were based on three major key points. These teachings included that; life not properly examined was not worth living; the most paramount duty in any given life is to care for the soul; no good person could be attacked by other parties. The teachings have been part of humankind for centuries, and they remain relevant to date. Indeed the teachings of Socrates and Epicurus are relevant today as they were some 2000 years ago.

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