Importance Of Social Class To Pre-Modern Societies Essay

 Evaluate the importance of social class to pre-modern societies. How did “social betters” view their “social inferiors”? What role, if any, did religion play in helping reinforce or break down social class?
Social classes in society have always been one of the main factors that separate or tell apart members of a society. The social status of an individual has been associated with quite a number of things that affect that particular individual. These are issues such as politics, socialisation and the trend that his or her life takes. This is because the social status of an individual defines almost all aspects of their lives right from birth. The trend of the individual’s social status then goes on in the same way unless there is a turn of events which happens for a very small percentage of people. For most of the people, their current social status is influenced by their family background and the social status of their parents. This means that the social status of a parent may end up being the social status of a person. A social class is generally a group of people that occupy the same economic level in a society or are said to have a particular similar feature that qualifies them to become a group.
There are three main types of classifications when it comes to social status. These main divisions are the ones that are used when it comes to further division of the social classes. These divisions are the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. The upper class group of individuals is also known as the elite group of the society. It is made up of the wealthiest members of society who are also known as the ruling type. This class of people has features like elite language patterns and a handful of lifestyle preferences. They associate with people of the same social status in all aspects of their lives. This means that they hardly come into contact with people of different social classes. For example, an individual coming from an upper class family and is looking for a job has better chances of getting the job since the parents are in one way or another associated with the people in charge of giving the jobs.
The middle class is made up of people that have an average earning. They have enough wealth to sustain their families but do not have it in excess like the upper class of the society. They lead a simple life and all aspects of their lives are kept at a simple or average level. Chances are that a person born in a middle class family may end up in the middle class or join the upper class. The lower class part of the society is made of people that have an income that barely sustains them or no income at all. These members of society include people like street families who live from hand to mouth (Jütte, 1994).

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