International Financial Management Research Paper:
The most crucial thing to consider when studying about global trade and global positioning is preparation (Shamoo, 2015). A researcher must first define the research question or questions and outline the project goals (Fink, 2010). The second step is to find redefine the research topic. Redefining research topic is very crucial as far as any research is concerned. A very general topic may lead to unnecessary variables that cannot help in achieving the project goal. A closer look at the different assignments for the course reveals that they are not all related. For example, unit 1 discusses on factors related to the economic integration. Unit 2 discuss on the application of weighted average cost of capital. Unit 3, on the other hand, is about financial forecasting and repatriation and Unit 4 is about exchange rates.
After identifying crucial topics and subtopics, the next thing is to search the identified topics and subtopics in the internet. Because all unit assignments are not related, it means that the research process will entail addressing each unit individually. This means that the search terms for unit 1 will differ from the search terms of unit 2. or Googlescholar or the online databases such as EBSCOHOST will be used to obtain theoretical and practical information about the new concepts such as Preferential trading agreements, Free trade agreements, Customs unions, Common market, Economic and monetary union, and financial forecasting and repatriation. The corporate website such as the business global index will also be handy in comparing economic index of different countries.
The experience and the concepts and information from the research will expand my knowledge on management and research. It is apparent that management is a field that is dynamic and hence the research experience will assist me learning how to carry out any research problem without much difficulty.
It is clear that the steps taken in planning and executing a global trade and positioning project are comparable to any fieldwork and that nearly all steps taken in any other study will apply regardless of the size of scope of the project. It is also apparent that the success of research depends on appropriate planning and being aware of the project’s research goals and objectives. Ability to identify the key topics and to utilize appropriate search engine or database is also crucial.
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