Self Assessments – Overview and Instructions
Students will be required to complete a series of graded Self-Assessments. The Self-Assessments are designed to allow the student to observe and understand their own supervisory or management style, behavior and responses in a variety of business settings. Assessments are arranged alphabetically. Scroll down to locate the assigned weekly assessment. Students may not work in advance. Do not submit self-assessment summary until assigned. Any summary received prior to the assignment date/week will not be counted towards the student grade.
Students are to complete the assigned Self Assessment and prepare a 200-300 words summary of the results for each assigned self-assessment. The summary should include the following points:
• Student Name
• Assessment Taken
• Key findings/ correlations of the assessment
• Results received
• How results ranked within the structure of the assessment
• What inference can be drawn from the results
• How will the results assist the student in addressing/modifying their supervisory capabilities
The summary of findings (not the assessment) are to be submitted via the online submission link provided. You are allowed one attempt/submission per self-assessment. The grading rubric is as follows:
2 points – completion of the assessment
6 points – Analysis of results (2 points for key findings/correlation; 2 points for the analysis; 2 points for future application of results.
2 points – mechanics: i.e., grammar, typos, formatting, spacing