The debate on whether a college degree is worth it or is going to college worth it has hit American publications more times than I can remember. Since 1636 when Harvard University was started, relevance or importance of a college degree has been up for debate.
In this article, I will try to look at both sides of the argument to high advantages and disadvantages of acquiring college education. Many people have maintained the argument that college is not worth it but the actual question should be: is college worth the cost?.

5 Advantages – Why Going To College Is Worth It

Here we will look at the key advantages of going to college. Our focus will be on the importance of a college education since I don’t really think there are benefits of not going to college.

  • People with College education are bound to make more money while employed

Whether you like it or not, when employed by the same firm, guys with college education will take more money home than you will do. On average, a college graduate will earn a cool $35000 over a high school graduate per year.

  • College Education Increases Your Chances Of Becoming Rich.

This supports the first point. With all the exposure and connections you make at college, with a college degree, you have better chances of being financially successful than that guy who never took a bachelor’s degree program. A closer look at Forbes richest people in 2013 will tell you that over 80% not only have a college degree but some have done other professional courses. So if you are stuck with a mediocre thinking that not going to college will make you successful, you better change your mind.

  • Going to College Shapes Your Future Better.

I bet that by going to college, you will become a better human being.You will find better people than you in college and this will make you work hard on self-improvement. It is worth noting that over 70% of parents who are college graduates will have their children enroll in college.

  • Pension and Retirement Benefits

This is simple and straightforward. If not going to college limits you from getting that well paying job, then this means you ain’t getting those benefits unless you set up one a retirement plan for yourself. Nobody wants to be poor and helpless when he are old. Going to college will increase your chances of living a better life in old age.

  •  Reduction Of The Burden To The Society

Going to college that means you will be able to cater for your expenses and pay your taxes. You heard me right! This will make the burden lighter for other taxpayers like me.

Disadvantages of Going To College- Advantages of Not Going To College.

First, I have to say that i am pro college education and nothing will change that. In my argument, I only have one reason of, why college education degree is not worth it simply founded on college loans.
I am a college paper writer, and  I meet tens of people everyday who insist that college education is scam and useless. Their argument is based on the fact that student loan debts are crippling. I understand the reasoning behind their argument but I strongly feel that these are people who are afraid to venture out and move beyond their comfort zone. This happens everyday, Loans are critical and student loan debts are sensitive when it comes to  bad credit scores. But is it logical to say that student loan debts are the reason one opts  not to go to college? This is the same as saying that you don’t want to acquire a car because it may be involved in an accident.The unknown is the spice of life. It makes life interesting. I have seen people come out of comfort zone and pay off those student loans within a very short time.
Many arguments have been put across the table on whether college degree or education is important but the judgment lays with you as a reader.In my view as a writer, anything that adds value to my brain is critical.

Dropping Out Of College Or School Is Lame

If you think dropping out of college will do you any good, make you the next Steve Jobs, then do it your way but I promise you that  it is one craziest and dumbest ideas in the 21st Century.