Is proof for the existence of God necessary?

In understanding God, there are various aspects that must be put into consideration. Mysteries like where did we come from? How do we interrelate with other species? Where did our planet come from? Why do we die? All these are some of the questions that lead us into believing that a supernatural power, an omnipotent and omniscient being must be in control. It might be unnecessary at some instance to question and also believe in God. This is because scientists have over the years tried to understand the mysteries around us, creating theories and stipulations on their quests altogether. Science is widely based on realities like why a particular aspect takes place but with reference to intense and logical reasoning (Lennox, 2009). There are theories explaining the beginning of life, which is conception in a mother’s womb. There are other theories explaining the formation of the earth and the sequence of weather. Science has come a long way in trying to make significant sense into aspects like time where calendars were developed in a bid to define the repetitive nature of aspects like weather (Spitzer, 2010).

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