Leadership Assessment Research Paper

Sample Paper on Leadership styles

There are several leadership styles that were used by the CEO, CFO, COO, and directors within my previous company. In my previous organization, most of the leaders were authoritarian in nature. Such mode of leadership was not relevant to the intentions and priorities of many workers within the organization. In most cases, these leaders used to dictate what they want to be done within the organization. With their authoritative nature and power, these leaders would do anything in order to ensure that they have accessed what they want in the organization. In most cases, these authoritarian leaders expressed no concern over the needs and preferences of the other members of the organization. In most cases, the immediate objectives of the organization were made as priority even without having a reflection on the worker conditions. I did not like this mode of leadership since it negated the interests of the organization in favor of those made singlehandedly by the leaders. Some instances of demand were made to workers within the organization. For instance, the leader would yell, use demeaning language, use threats, and abuse their offices and power without being found guilty by the existing legal frameworks. The reason why they escaped several punishment sis because they are part of the agents that implement the legal structures of the organization. Nonetheless, the present organization has most leaders who are participatory in nature. I am enjoying their style of leadership in place (Zaccaro & Klimoski, 2001).

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