“Leader Ship challenge I face with a Military leader who thinks about personal gain instead of overall team work mindset”.
1). Leadership Challenge Paper Guidelines:
Prepare and submit 6 – 8 page paper that briefly describes the situation, defines and applies three
leadership theories to the situation, and reflects on insights gained. A well-constructed paper will
reference 4 or more scholarly sources including 3 journal articles such as those assigned and retrieved
from Brandman’s virtual library, and adhere to APA standards.
2). Situation Description:
In no more than one page, describe the leadership challenge which may be an organizational problem, a
new initiative, and/or opportunity. In the description, position yourself as the leader, and identify areas of
concern, key players (names optional), and your goal(s) in addressing the challenge. The leadership challenge described should be consistent with the one approved by the instructor in week 2, and used in
the discussion board in weeks 2 – 4.
3).Leadership Theories and Models:
Select three (3) of the following classic leadership theories or models: Leadership Grid, Situational
Leadership, Path-Goal, and/or Leader-Member Exchange that are most relevant to your leadership
challenge. Define and describe the components of the selected theories using four (4) or more scholarly
sources including three (3) journal articles.
4). Application of Theories and Models
Analyze your leadership challenge through the lens of each selected leadership theory providing explicit
and direct links to the components of the theory or model as they relate to the situation. Based on your
analysis, draw valid conclusions on the impact and value of each theory in addressing your challenge.
5). Reflective Analysis
In 2 – 3 pages, reflect on your effectiveness as the leader in this challenge, discussing three (3) specific insights you learned about leadership from this assignment, and identifying one specific action you will
take to enhance your leadership practice. In your reflection, describe what surprised you, the
effectiveness of the classic leadership theories in addressing your challenge, and how your thinking
and/or behavior changed.