Sample Research Proposal Essay On: Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Use of Computers Technology Essay

The following proposal looks into the need to improve the knowledge and usage of information technology, specifically cloud computing adoption in the corporate sector in Developing countries. This proposal seeks to analyze the situation in developing countries in regards to small and medium enterprises, the challenges they face, the solution to these challenges and their potential to thrive through the adoption of cloud computing. The manufacturing sector especially, has not really been keen in using Information technology in production and until recently when the mobile phone gained popularity, they basically operated with minimal or no technological applications including very little usage of personal computers. However, in light of an increasingly technological world and the effect of globalization there is need for these countries to keep up if they are to compete with countries abroad in the area of production and marketing.
The aim of the research study is to find out how conversant the players in the corporate and manufacturing sector are with cloud computing and exactly why they have not been keen on adopting cloud computing considering its advantages. This will enable governments to make more informed decisions on how to assist their economic sectors adopt cloud computing with the objective of improving production efficiency and enhancing economic growth.

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